«Best Quality — best service!
High grade of Innovation in combination with a really good price-performance ratio.»Henry Schirmer, MMB Kitchen & More AG | Basel


«Störmer — World Class Manufacturer of high quality kitchen cabinets, offers long and lasting business relationship paving the way for mutual benefit and successs.Mr. Ong, Dexterton Corporation | Manila


«We at W. Atelier believe that Störmer will perform well in Singapore as it has proven itself internationally to be highly competetive and is well-recognised for its innovative kitchen designs.Daniel Magg, W-Atelier | Singapore


«Many miles in distance away ; but sharing the same thinking of longterm partnership»Ben Chang, Der-Yi Kitchen International | Taipei


«Störmer is not only a skilled and quality manufacturer of kitchens for us, but also a longtime partner. We are sure, that in near future Störmer will be a successful brand all over the world.»Ilkin Manafov, Störmer Baku


«Störmer: A german kitchen specialist with a long tradition and competence — our reliable partner for longterm success.»Ben Leung, Beyond Engineering Ltd., Shanghai - China