Gründung von Störmer im Westfälischen Enger


Entwicklung von lackierten Küffenbuffets


Weiterentwicklung der Oberflächentechnik


Entwicklung von Anbauküchen mit Schichtstoffoberflächen


Produktion der ersten Einbauküchen mit Melamin-Oberfläche


Das italienische Design hält EInzug bei Störmer - und mit ihm die erste Grifflose Küche!


Weiterentwicklung hin zu hochwertigen, modernen und von italienischem Design getriebenen Einbauküchen


Christoph Fughe wird neuer geschäftsführender Gesellschafter von Störmer Küchen


Der italienische Designer Stefano Semprebon kreiert seine erste Küchenlinie für Störmer - Terracucina


Erweiterung der Produktionsfläche um ein zweites Werk in Rödinghausen


In summer 2015 we expanded our production capacities by 30,000 square metres by taking over a second factory in Rödinghausen, Westphalia.


At our main factory, we have been producing high-quality kitchens across an area measuring 15,000 square metres since 1958.

Forum 26

Our representative property is an independent concept at the centre of the eastern Westphalian kitchen and supplier industry, an up to date platform for renowned manufacturers, suppliers of kitchen products that complement each other, and for other living areas. This concept is 100% customer focused. Those who come to our eastern Westphalian kitchen partner should have the opportunity, during the measurement phase and all year round, to find out information with other partners about innovative and current kitchen products that are relevant to kitchen construction.
“If the customer won’t come to the workshop, the workshop comes to the customer.”
We aim to provide brand manufacturers and their expert traders with success-promising products with clear unique selling positions for the middle and high-end segment, but we also work to make decision makers and multipliers aware of them in national and especially in international markets.

störmer Worldwide

Expertise in export – this is another thing that störmer stands for.
In order to please customers all over the world, we have partners in many countries and störmer companies ready to provide help and advice and successfully design your project.