Musterring stands for quality
Easy to say, but very complex in practice. So that the promised quality can be achieved where it is required, störmer has been working with Musterring for many years and together we develop and manufacture the kitchens that you would expect to buy and rely on when you go looking for a Musterring kitchen at your supplier’s showroom.

Traders are looking for exclusive own brands and störmer can provide two in one go: The traditional brand, Eschebach, was incorporated into our company structure and with the Mariella Ahrens Collection it immediately presents an extremely special product range. This actress was hooked once she heard about the idea of designing her own kitchen range. One thing was clear to her from the start: She did not just want to be the face of the design, instead she wanted to include her own ideas. From the selection of störmer kitchens, she developed concepts with special kitchen aids and functional details, resulting in the “mariella ahrens COLLECTION by ESCHEBACH”.
In all planning stages there are individual features that were important to the Berlin actress, such as doors that can be written on, a table extension for extra working space and a make-up mirror.

Buying a kitchen 2.0!
Planning an individual kitchen online, completely according to my wishes?
It’s as easy as that!
You can download the free kitchen planner, with no obligations, onto your Windows PC or Mac.
With our planner, you can put together a kitchen for yourself according to your style and your individual wishes.
After selecting a colour for your front, creating a kitchen area is child’s play.
Our planner will find different solutions for your space and you can search for planning that is perfect for you!

And the best thing is that you will always have your eye firmly on the purchasing price!